Info: How this site works

This website is not, and is not intended to be, open source. Information is instead contributed through one of two ways: either from the manager of this website, or through suggestions made by contributors, who can be anyone. There is a page where people, with usernames, can suggest content. They can also have a user page created for them if they wish. Usernames of contributors will be posted on pages where they have contributed, similar to Wikipedia.


Geographical articles include information about political and physical geography. Articles, therefore, are divided into the following sections:

  • Physical geography
  • Political geography
  • Read more (with external links)
  • Sources (only if needed)*

*When sources are cited, the citation will be included at the bottom, with the footnote number first, then the link, and then the content, “information added on [Month] [Day], [Year] UTC”.

Subsections can be added also when they would improve the article, and there are no particular guidelines for the naming of these subsections.

Articles have introductions, which have no heading, at the beginning of each article.

Citing sources

Mostly, content is general, rather than specific, so citing sources is not necessary as long as the wording is original (see Citizendium). If there is specific information based upon a certain source, there is a link to the source, done in a similar way to how Wikipedia cites sources.


There will be a structure of articles for (at least in theory) easy navigation. There will be a short, continent overview article at the top of the structure. Then there will be countries, divided further, and further, etc. The structure will probably end around the level of provincial or county divisions (that would be states in many countries), and will not include individual cities, although large destinations like the Grand Canyon may eventually have articles.

Article title prefixes

Place articles will not have a prefix like this one does. Articles with general information about the site itself, with the exception of the home page, will have the word “Info” in front of them. This is similar to how many wiki sites work.

Article classes

Like on some other wikis, articles will be organized on this website according to detail and general information. There will be three levels, or classes: information about these levels can be found here. A notice will be included at the top of each article that identifies the status; the notice will have the background color #fafafa (light gray).

Debated issues

Generally, this website tries to avoid debated issues; see Info: Stance on debated issues.

Changes to this page

Further information may be edited on this page when the manager feels it is necessary.

Last edited on May 8, 2019 UTC